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Ohio weather is tough on your home's roof. Each season brings a new set of challenges for your roof to face.

But when it comes time to replace your roof covering, you and your contractor can choose from a few different choices on what to replace it with. There are several main considerations to take into account when making your selection.

The main considerations are:
1. The costs of the product and the installation of the system.
2. How many years the new system should last.
3. The appearance of the product.
4. The style of the product (does it match the rest of your home).
5. Is it a practical match to your specific needs.

Toledo Roofers at WorkAsphalt shingles are what the majority of American homes use. Most asphalt shingles are a fiberglass mat between layers of asphalt and mineral granules. They are very fire resistant. There are also organic shingles which substitute an organic material for the fiberglass layers. Both organic and fiberglass shingles are available in different colors, textures and warranty length.

Real wood shingles and shakes are popular with some homeowners. They have a natural appearance that looks great in some situations. Shakes look like they were split by hand, so they have a rough look; wood shingles are machine-made and look smoother.

Metal is becoming a popular alternative with Ohio homeowners. Metal coverings come in shingle shapes that look similar to traditional asphalt shingles, and in large panel pieces that don't look like any other type of covering. Metal roofs last a long time and can be a very practical solution.

Tile is traditional product that is very durable and very attractive. It can also be pretty expensive. Tile can be the perfect covering for some architectural styles of homes.

Slate is similar to tile in that it has a great appearance, lasts a long time, weighs a lot and costs quite a bit too. If you are considering slate, understand that not every roofer can install it.

The following Ohio roofing companies can further explain your options and help you choose what is best for your situation:

Seagate For Your Home is a trusted provider of home improvement services in Lucas County and the northwest Ohio region. They handle all kinds of home improvement projects including roofing, gutters, skylights, insulation, windows, doors and siding.

Nordmann Roofing is one of the busiest commercial and new construction contractors in town, but they are also a licensed residential roofer as well, and they can handle almost any type of job.

Ohio Roofing and Siding is a complete home improvement company. They offer windows, siding, doors, patio rooms and roof installation.

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