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Seagate has been serving homeowners in the Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan area for over 25 years. Besides roofing installation, they have fast emergency roof repair services, and they also work on all types of commercial buildings.

Seagate offers detailed estimates, along with information on their shingles, roofing procedures, and any other specific answers you may have questions about. They do a thorough inspection of the entire roofing system, including deck, venting, chimney and shingle conditions.

Seagate offers a variety of roofing solutions, such as metal roofing and spray coatings that insulate and protect. They promise a clean, professional and comprehensive roof installation. When necessary, they remove the old roof, clean up each day and make sure your home is protected from the elements during the entire project. In addition to installing your new roof, they also inspect flashing and chimney flashing, and replace asphalt saturated felt and metal roof edges.

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